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HVEThe High Environmental Value (3) label is based on indicators measuring the environmental performance of farms.

It is based on four themes:

- preservation of biodiversity (insects, trees, hedges, grass strips, flowers, etc.);
- the phytosanitary strategy;
- fertilization management;
- irrigation management.

The farmer implements agricultural practices based in particular on the principles of agroecology. It is about favoring the resources and mechanisms of nature. Operational autonomy, improvement in the added value of products, reduction in energy consumption, reduction in the use of plant protection products ... The High Environmental Value (HVE3) corresponds to the highest level of the environmental certification system for agricultural exploitations.

Learn more about VDC

Civc logotype vd 1 Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne (VDC) refers to the application of sustainable development principles to viticulture.


It is a voluntary approach that relies on the day-to-day commitment of Champagne winemakers in 3 areas:

 - Biodiversity footprint

 - Carbon footprint

 - Water footprint

Champagne Michel Hoerter

Winemaker in the Western part of the Marne Valley

Champagne Michel HOERTERCertified HVE and VDC

Haute Valeur Environnementale HVEViticulture Durable en Champagne VDC   


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