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Winemakers from father to sons for four generations, the members of the Hoerter family have acquired a lot of know-how from the land and the vines.

The founder, Joseph began working very few vines and sold the entirety of his grapes by the kilo. Maurice started selling champagne wines.

It was Michel, his son who took over the business and developed sales and differents blends with the help of Claudie, his wife.

Today, Jean-Philippe, Joseph’s great-grandson, is one of those passionate grape-farmers who manage their vineyards in person. He knows each of his plots by heart. He works in close contact with nature so that she gives us her best and so that our grapes develop their fruity taste and full freshness.

Champagne Michel Hoerter range is now diversified ; sometimes flowers, sometimes minerals, full-bodied and round.



Exclusively located in western part of the Marne Valley, our vineyard of 9 hectares has his roots in a soil predominantly composed of lime, clay and chalk at the top of the slope and lime, clay and sand at the bottom.

It is composed of 70 % of Pinot Meunier, 22 % of Pinot Noir and 8 % of Chardonnay worked in sustainable viticulture for more than 15 years (vineyard cover-cropping on one row out of two, one-sided thinning-out of the leaves, mechanical weeding, bovine compost 100%).

Our slogan : Respect Nature. Our vineyards are on average 40 years old. The oldest plot was planted in 1936.


Panneau Maurice HOERTER
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Champagne Michel HOERTER



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